Reviews and Testimonials

  • This interactive dance show is created and performed by Anna Williams and Tom Roden of Anatomical. It takes you on a magical journey as a story unfolds about two friends and their adventures in a small village on a mountain. As soon as we enter the theatre, everyone is handed a cardboard box and we are encouraged to build and play, which sets up the premise for the whole show – our expectations are set to be an active participant in the action. At regular intervals, we are invited back into the space to build, re-build, explore and dance: one child is selected to become a king and we are suddenly his loyal subjects; we learn a clapping and stepping pattern that is then performed in two lines. The interaction between audience and performer creates an atmosphere that is friendly, fun and funny. Louise's Review - Show 30th May 2017 Attenborough Arts: Leicester
  • There is still a lack of quality touring dance and dance theatre for children and families at a scale which is affordable and relatively easy to tour. Tom and Anna have developed a new and extremely successful approach to participatory performance which is hugely enjoyable and engaging for their target audiences, as a recent East Midlands Children’s Theatre & Dance Network tour evidenced with strong attendance figures and terrific audience feedback. In choosing to work with a slightly older audience than Doodle Dance Show in their next production The Buildy-uppy Dance Show, they are also addressing a gap in the market for work for the 5+ age group. I am hugely supportive of their work, and it was easy to engage other members of the network with this new idea having had such a positive response to the first production. Shona Powell OBE, Lakeside Arts, Nottingham.

Audience Feedback for The Doodle Dance Show.

  • Very enjoyable, lovely that everyone gets involved. Really different.
  • I liked being able to dance… can I come again please!
  • A clever mix of storytelling, dance, drawing and audience participation – really made the story come to life.
  • [I liked the] interactivity and variety of engagement. Very creative, funny and active.
  • The performers were very engaging and a lovely style of interacting with the audience.
  • It was brilliant, I liked the movement, drawing… constant drawing – freedom, the look of the space, the whole show!
  • Interactive and freeing!
  • Fabulous idea! Loved the variety of elements – story to hold it all; drawing, dancing. … loved, loved it.
  • Having fun as a family and giving confidence to my 4 year old!